What our students think about us:


“Vista Training Solutions was rated at 94% for overall student satisfaction rate in the most recent Student Survey 2016”

I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning about IT, be it generally about the industry or specific PC functionality, to join Vista Training Solutions apprenticeship scheme. The staff were incredibly helpful and the environment is excellent for learning which will ensure your progression. It is has truly enabled me with skills I can use beyond an occupation in IT and more generally in any given career path. I strongly believe that the qualifications I have gained at Vista Training Solutions along with the experience, will propel me into working within the IT industry.” –

–          John  (ICT Apprentice)


“The support and encouragement I got to take my learning to the next step was vital. It completely changed my life. I actually have a position ready after I graduate, but with moral encouragement and expert advice and support from the Vista Team, I entered university and now I am in my final year studying nursing & midwifery”.

–          Mopelola (Healthcare Student)


A sense of culture and community

“People were encouraged to work together through discussion which encouraged a familiar atmosphere.”

“It has been very good for widening my understanding to not criticise religions, it’s given me certain tools to be able to be compassionate that are different from my own culture.”

–          Adil  (Employability Student)


Small, stimulating classes

“Overall, this has been an amazing learning experience. The academic staff has been incredibly helpful and available when queries have arisen. The course content has been hugely stimulating, tough in that good way.

“Small class sizes overall. Good subject resources. Some very knowledgeable, accessible staff. Some fascinating, quirky learning styles.”

–          Scott (Customer Service Student)


Helpful and encouraging staff

“I have enjoyed the assistance and encouragement that I have received from my trainer. The feedback I have received has been informative and fair. Overall, my experience of learning as a mature student has been affirming and has given me a greater sense of ability.”

“My department is relatively small, so I feel that I get a lot of support. The staff knows who I am, which has been a huge bonus and has affected my learning in a very positive way.”

Max  (Business Admin Student)



Recent survey feedback to VISTA Training from Employers:

100% said that the content of our Programmes meet the requirements of their Company.

97% feel that our teaching assessment methods meet the requirements of their Company

97% said that the level of support provided by VISTA training to their organisations was good to excellent

90% said they were sufficiently involved with the review process of their employees

93% said they would recommend VISTA Training to other Employers

90% of employers said that the overall process of training was easy to manage.